The center of the production of walser küchen furnishing solutions

Thinking and creating, connected closely.

In the production processes of a company such as walser küchen, where the added value is the creation of customized furnishing solutions, the carpentry plays a crucial role.

Thanks to our organizational structure, we are able to manage and control all the construction phases of the custom-made furniture, from design (through advanced graphic tools with photo-realistic views) to execution. We have the ambition to truly call ourselves QUALITY ARTISANS because each piece of furniture is made individually. Manual skills are a distinctive element of the product. For us, quality is also measured by the attention and careful choice of eco-friendly materials with resistance characteristics. We design and manufacture furniture in our carpentry with the ambition that it will become an integral part of the home and have high technical and construction characteristics.

A wide range of solutions born from experience.

The walser küchen carpentry is able to create ad-hoc furnishing solutions based on a new design, but also to take action on existing kitchens and furnishings to renew and enhance them, giving them new life. This is why we are able to achieve results that not only satisfy the customer’s requests, but reach an optimal level down to the smallest detail.

Thanks to a very close collaboration between consultant, technical office and factory, we ensure that every question raised by the customer is always provided with a concrete, achievable and satisfactory answer. The long experience and the high number of projects managed by walser küchen each year gives life today to a wide range of solutions, which are available to solve problems that may appear unsolvable.